Siamo un punto di riferimento importante dell’accoglienza turistica all’isola d’Elba dal 1975.



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The people who ruled Elba and succeeded each other not only left important traces on the urban level, but also in the local customs and traditions, which can now be discovered more in the island’s richness in food and wine.

The flavors of Elban cuisine are based on simple dishes made from local ingredients from the land and the sea. Over the years many recipes have been revised and refined to be suggested in restaurants. Many of these dishes require long and careful preparation. Among other things, we recommend trying the stockfish alla Riese, gurguglione (vegetable stew) and the famous fish “soup” Cacciucco all’Elbana.

The boiled squid, deep-fried “zerri”, breaded and fried sardines are also great for an aperitif.

All of these delicacies go well with the local wine, which in recent years has reached an excellent level in the Italian panorama. This goal was also possible thanks to the careful work of the Elban winemakers, who, accompanied by important and well-known winemakers, have received important awards and prizes. And last but not least, Elba Aleatico DOCG (a sweet and fortified dessert wine)… goes very well with one of the local dry pasta desserts.