Siamo un punto di riferimento importante dell’accoglienza turistica all’isola d’Elba dal 1975.



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Elba is the ideal tourist destination for those who want to spend an active holiday in the open air, especially in spring and autumn, when the rays of the sun are softer and allow wonderful excursions throughout the day.

Elba is wonderful to visit both by sea and by land.

By sea, it is possible to take a day trip by boat, perhaps in the company of a skipper, who will show you the morphological features of the island and let you discover pristine places that cannot be reached by land. The island of Pianosa is also definitely worth a visit by sea, where it is also possible to go on excursions by kayak and on foot.

Not to be forgotten for those who love the sea, the richness and beauty of its depths. On Elba numerous diving centers offer courses for beginners and experts.

By land there are numerous routes along the island of Elba, from the ancient mountain trails that were once the only ones connecting one inhabited village to another. The hiking trails are almost all embedded in the Mediterranean scrub or cross the coastline of the island and offer a panoramic view of rare beauty, which is now more frequently visited by hikers and bikers.

In recent years these trails have been mapped and numbered to make them easier to use. From the 1019 meter high summit of Monte Capanne, which can be reached not only on foot but also by cable car, you can see the outlines of the island and, on a clear day, all the islands of the Tuscan archipelago and a large part of the archipelago.